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RasItes are comprised of Jahmel Ellison {Lead vocals and Bass Guitar}, kashta Menelik Tafari {Lead vocals and Guitar}, Cyrus Richards {Keyboards and Vocals} and Otis Cox {Drums}. Untill the arrival of the RasItes, UK reggea hadn’t witnessed the emergence of a young band of musicians intent upon writing and playing thier own material, sinse Azwad and Steel Pulse first blazed teir international roots trail a generation ago. It was 2001 when the RasItes Band lit up the roots market with their debut album, Urban Regeneration – a set that inspired comparisons with the early greats of the business. In 2003 the band were intent on exploring new avenues and ideas so they started seeking managment. After a hit duet with Jamaican superstar Luciano called Leaders, the group then embarked on a five week tour of Europe performing in their own right and backing fellow acts the Abyssinians, Mykal Rose of Black Uhuru and Warrior King. After playing at 2004 Rbel Salute in Jamaica, they stayed on the island to record tracks with master Saxaphonist/Producer Dean Fraser and Bobby Digital. Like that of various seventies legends, the RasItes music blends social realism with a joyful spirituality that international audiences are beginning to find irresistible, and this explosive, yet time-honoured combination has generated some of the most exuberant displays off singing, dee-jaying and live musicianship the UK has seen in years. This in itself shouldn’t surprise anyone familiar with the bands origins. Raised in East and North London, the members of RasItes grew up to the sounds of JA greats. They began thier own musical journey at Rastafari gatherings, where as small youths they would play Conga drums and chant amongst the elders, all the while absorbing knowledge of their spiritual and ancestral heritage before forming the RasItes in 1996 the original line up remains as tightly knited as ever. Their first recording session took place during 1997 at Mad Profesors Ariwa studio in South London and the Easy Street in East London. This was the time when they recorded tracks named Blessed and Africa. Africa was the song that they performed when they entered the Sunsplash Selector competition held at the Hackney Empire in 1998 when Jahmel was fifteen and Otis only thirteen. They were the only live band on the competition and won the first place prize, which was a trip to Jamaica to perform on Reggea Sunsplash. By the summer of 1999 they was signed to Jet star and working on various tracks. Jah Love, from the compilation Reality Calling Vol 1, was the first then Highgrade took the peoples ears by a storm on a 7 inch release by Jet Star. 2008 STARTS GREAT NEW ALBUM RELEASE CALLED “SEX, VIOLENCE AND DRUGS” IS OUT NOW.




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