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Dreadtown – The Steel Pulse Story


The amazing Reggae Band Steel Pulse is about to release a long awaited story about their 40 year legacy and their experience of Reggae Music called, ‘Dreadtown.’

Steel Pulse an International Reggae Band who originates from the UK and is undoubtably the number one Reggae Band of Britain. Always fighting for equality and justice and admired by the Legend Bob Marley, Steel Pulse formed in 1975. Emerging at a time when there was a high influx of immigrants into Britain from the Caribbean, racism was at its all time highest. Steel Pulse used music as a method to express their feelings of oppression and their love for their blackness.

Supporting several events and organisations fighting against racism and injustice, Steel Pulse grew support from the Punk Rock community.

“Dreadtown” is directed by Yoni Gal,  Oscar® and nominated producer, Mike Lerner. Yoni Gal states, “I have spent sdreadtown_band-1024x1024everal years with the band and collected hours of unseen archive material from friends, family and fans of Steel Pulse. My good friend David ‘Dread’ Hinds now joins me for the final push to raise the remaining $40,000 I need to bring you the movie I really want to show to the world.” Now raising money through the website Indiegogo, Yoni Gal continues to say, “‘Dreadtown’ is a movie about one of my all-time favorite bands and their incredible career. It’s also a movie about their fight against injustice and prejudice that continues to this day. It’s a story that needs to be told, not just for Steel Pulse fans but for anyone who cares about love and justice.”

Many have asked why the Directors have requested for public funding rather than private as it is unconventional with these types of documentaries, however Yoni Gal’s reply is, “We feel strongly about not involving commercial funders in this movie – we want to keep it pure.”

Supported by the British Film Institute (BFI), who recognises the importance of this documentary, their funding is not enough and there is still a shortfall of $10,000 in the budget to cover music licensing and final production costs.

Yoni Gal believes that using commercial funding for the movie could lead to a compromise in the message of it, “We don’t want to compromise our message. You can help us finish the movie and keep it independent.” Campaigning on Indiegogo an independent funding website, has been very successful so far. There has been over 450 contributors and they have raised $30,000.

ritaThe documentary has several artists, producers and timeless legends within the musical industry who give their prospective on Steel Pulse and Reggae Music. Steel Pulse although featuring previously within other reggae documentaries, they have never before had an exclusive documentary in such a detailed manner. The documentary includes interviews from group members of the past and present.

Further including Rita Marley, Matt Groening (creator, The Simpsons), Lennox Lewis (World Heavyweight Boxing Champion), Snoop Lion, Alpha Blondy (United Nations Ambassador of Peace), Burning Spear, UB40, John Lydon (Sex Pistols), Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Damian Marley, Ziggy Marley, Chris Blackwell (founder, Island Records), Linton Kwesi Johnson, C. Thomas Howell (actor), Aswad, Billy Idol, The Specials, Michael Franti, Jason Mraz and many more.

‘Dreadtown’ will certainly be a documentary that will go down in history as a classic! To offer your support for ‘Dreadtown’ then please visit


Here is a taster of the magic to come:-




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