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Music is My Drug


If I’m listening to one of my favourite songs… Don’t disturb me! Even if it’s important, it’s just gonna have to wait. Music puts me on a high and each time it’s different. Every human is inspired by Music in some way or another. Scientific studies have proven that Music affects people’s moods. Causing us to be happy, sad, want to fight, laugh, sleep or make love.

I find that when I hear drum and bass music I have more energy and when I listen to Reggae, I reach another level of consciousness. So isn’t it annoying when someone tells you to turn your music down! Especially when you have headphones on. It’s like their killing your vibes… Purposely!

Sometimes you wonder if some people only ask you to turn down the music if it’s not their “cup of tea.”

More often were finding environmental health clamping down on musical venues and events daily. If the sound is too loud they shut it down, without any consideration of the different frequencies of the individual sounds. For example the Bass upon Classical music is of a much lower frequency to that of Reggae music making Reggae in turn, sound a lot louder even if played at the same frequency. Young people are often victims of being told to turn down their music. I’d rather them use Music as a way of releasing and distressing than drugs which can lead to death.

Let the Music Play!




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