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Rasta or Fashion Dread?


Move over Weave… Locks is back! More and more often I’m seeing people fashioning their natural hair and lockings up. It seems the stigma of Dread Locks is a thing of the past. But I can’t help but asking if these people are true followers of Rastafari or just Fashion Dreads? It’s hard to tell these days unless you ask… But does it really matter?

I remember a couple weeks ago getting a vegetarian take away and whilst waiting for my food, I observed a pretty dread locked lady. I smiled at her only to hear her order being read out and confirmed. “Sweet and Sour Pork and..!!!” I was in total shock! Rasta no eat pork!

Clearly I was mistaken as she was not a Rasta. But was it my fault for judging her or was I right to assume? In this day and age being a Rasta should go far deeper than wearing locks and liking reggae music. I am happy however to see so many people being proud to wear their natural hair and going a step further with locks. I do believe however, locks are sacred and should be worn so.

I guess it’s about the heart and not the look right?



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