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ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Rebel Salute 2017 was exceptionally fantastic this year.

The Festival up held its pledge to provide an Authentic Rasta Cultural experience which utterly blew Reggae Britannia away.

Situated at the Grizzly’s Plantation Cove in St. Ann, Jamaica, with its alluring sea front view, all who attended Rebel Salute were definitely in for a captivating treat. As you approached the entrance of the Grizzly’s Plantation, you felt like Royalty being welcomed home with the scenery of Tropical Palm Trees, dazzling Lights, The Lion of Judah Flags and friendly Stewards assisting you down the Royal Rebel Salute enchanted path.

Upon collecting your ticket, you then entered a Rasta Festival like no other. We were greeted by everyone with a heartical nod of blessings as we walked around the grounds. The Aroma of incenses floated everywhere alongside the often swift of Ganja. It could be seen that Tony Rebel put careful thought into the layout of the Festival with an authentic Camping area. The Festival provided a friendly environment for children and the elderly and with help and assistance if needed.

The Food Quarters can only be described as mouthwatering and appetising! Rebel Salute 2017 definitely continued to maintain a strictly no meat and alcohol policy in the pursuit of promoting a healthy lifestyle. Although this may be slightly worrying for meat eaters at first, once at the festival the delicious choices will have your eye inveigled with splendour. There was a lot of Ital, vegan, vegetarian, and raw food choices including tofu, live burgers and pizzas alongside traditional Jamaican Fish dishes. In regards to desserts, traditional caribbean cakes, fruits, sugar cane and as many ital drinks as you could think of. The Food however was very expensive in our view, in some cases double the price for a standard meal and drink but none the less truly tasty.

Within the Festival was a Hemp Village filled with different type of Marijuana, Ganja products and food. Also the Arts and Crafts Village was filed with beautiful indigenous works, clothing and accessories, inspired by the Rastafarian community and African culture. We spotted Top Fashion Designer Mamayashi, where she informed Reggae Britannia that she was pleased to see all of the African inspired clothing at such a Cultural event which were of high importance to Jamaica.

DAY 1 of Rebel Salute Friday 13th January 2017 Roots Rock Reggae & Gospel Night

Yes we said Roots Rock Reggae & Gospel Night… This Friday line up was not to be underestimated because it was unquestionably magical.

Reggae Band Adahzeh reggae britannia rebel salute 2017Kick starting the night in full Rasta style was the all Female Royal Reggae Band Adahzeh. They had the audience truly mesmerised with their powerful vocal delivery, astute show-womanship and diverse musical talent. Full of great energy and girl power, Adahzeh came with the full entertainment package. Xylophone the 11 year old sensation also sang beautifully the Minnie Riperton version of Loving You also supervised by the MC for both nights Mutabaruka.

New Reggae artist on the scene was the talented Ras – I who brought a thought provoking roots rocking sound with his new debut single Bad Boy Bully. Upon speaking to Reggae Britannia he stated that he felt the urge to speak about the issue of violence in Jamaica. His new single did so from the prospective of a Gangster intentionally in hope to deter Youth from pursuing that lifestyle.

The Theatre was definitely brought to Rebel Salute Rebel Salute 2017 No Maddz reggae britanniawith the No Maddz! This exciting but peculiar Reggae Group can not be described with one word. With a Spoon and Carrot Grater in one hand, original Congo Natty Dreadlocks, wearing linen Colonial Suits, old English style Vass Shoes and exquisite bow ties… without a doubt their unique. Their music came with comedy especially the single Breadfruit and Banana however the music sounds was tight with an excellent alternative reggae sound.

Yvad performed at Rebel Salute this year exhibiting his smooth voice, further edging consciousness in the mind of the crowd with his passionate campaign for Riverton, a community in Jamaica where poverty still runs rift. Upon speaking to Reggae Britannia, he stated that for each copy of the single sold, proceeds would go to helping to build this community. An artist of which most were speaking highly of was new Artist Shakespeare. Wishing to only be described as simply an artists and not placed into a particular genre or box, the performance of his new single Put Me Out Deer, went down well. This lyricist is being predicted to be the next rising star in Dancehall/Reggae Music.

Rebel Salute 2017 Dann-I reggae britannia

Rebel Salute could not have been complete without Dann-I. Although not scheduled originally to perform at Rebel Salute 2017, he graced the stage with his awesome song Put Another Reggae Pon Top. A true Roots Artists who fully charged the Crowd with his authentic ingenious message and sound. Ed Robinson also provided a smooth soul chanting performance with hit song Knocking on Heavens Door. The accomplished musician and singer sang so powerfully with his further hit song Our Hero’s.

Rebel Salute 2017 brought Church to the Rastafarian Festival this year with the invitation of Minister Marion Hall previously known as Lady Saw. The Holy Ghost certainly manifested as the Minister preached and sang on stage impeccably. IMG_2655Upon speaking to Reggae Britannia Minister Marion Hall explained that she was a little apprehensive at first about the reception she was going to receive but she explained she knew the Almighty was with her and she most certainly received a great response. Praying over the Rebel Salute Congregation Minister Marion Hall told Reggae Britannia that it was important for Christian’s to be excepting of all people as Jesus mingled with all people.

The gospel session was excellently supported by Gary Patch and Jabez.

A short Dancehall/ Reggae session came in full swing with the International Legends Chaka Demus & Pilers who had all non stop, “ah dance and prance,” to favourable hits such as Murder She Wrote, Tease Me, She Don’t Let Nobody and the hit list goes on. Wayne Wonder further graced the stage with his sweet like honey voice which had all ladies in site weak at the knees. During his performance was a surprise appearance by Dancehall Legend Spragga Benz performing Dedicated. The original Dancehall Queen Sister Nancy unequivocally kept the flag flying for females with her spot on performance which utterly amplified this segment. Up and coming artist Chevaughn also brought a thought provoking Dancehall, R&B sound with his debut single Quintillionaire.

IMG_2474Reggae Warriors, if you have not heard of The Astronauts before well you’re bound to now. This duo, originally consisting of three, caused the stage to become absolutely electric. With their shiny Spaceship outfits and Astronauts eye blinding gear had Fans in full swing. Winning the Jamaican Musical Festivals four times in a row, the duo sang hit songs such as Mek Wi Jam and Born Jamaican.

On the night Half Pint smashed the Rebel Salute stage with his performance and had all standing to attention with his hit songs such as  Im not a substitute lover, Mr Landlord and Just Be Good To Me. Fans voice echoed around the event non stop.

IMG_2629The magical night became further spiritual with the Honourable Legendary Rasta Elders, The Abyssinians who blessed the stage. The true essence of Rastafari, the back to Africa movement and the Inity of the Black Nation was amplified upon hearing The Abyssinians sing. Chanting and Nyabinghi was incorporated in this enchanting performance making this session one of Reggae Britannia’s personal favourites for the night. Upon The Abyssinians speaking with Reggae Britannia, true African wisdom unfolded, echoing the essence of the importance of knowing oneself and Culture.

As Night turned to Day this spiritual experience became more intense andtony rebel rebel salute 2017 reggae britannia the man himself, the one responsible for the event, performed. Tony Rebel had the crowd thrilled by his presence as he sung hit after hit song. His performance was truly immaculate and not at all diminished by the fact he had organised the event and continued to manage its progression. Upon speaking with Reggae Britannia, he was delighted by how the event was progressing so far. He further enlightened us upon the origin of the event and its connection with the late Reggae Legend Garnet Silk. He felt it important to have all Jamaican genres of music at his event, especially Gospel as he believed Rebel Salute should be inclusive.

It was great to see Iba Mahr perform who recently toured the UK with Julian Marley. There was also an amazing performance from Harrison Stafford of Groundation the American Reggae band, Lone Ranger, Feluke, Bobby Tenna, Zagga and General Tees. It was also nice to speak with Recording Producer Wayne Jobson and Saxophonist Dean Fraser, who came out to support the event.

i wayne reggae britannia rebel salute 2017As the Mystical Sun rose, Reggae Fans heard the exquisite distinctive voice of I – Wayne. With his sweet vocals and humble nature, I – Wayne had ladies running from all over the Festival just to see him, Every King at the Festival also advertently listening to each conscious lyric sung. Speaking of the importance of food and natural livity to Reggae Britannia, I – Wayne brought a calmness to the stage with a Rootical sound which smoothed the soul.

warrior king dre posh rebel salute 2017 reggae britanniaThe talented Warrior King also graced the stage performing excellently with a heartical sound and producing conscious lyrical content. He further took time out to introduce Dre Tosh, the grandson of the Legend Peter Tosh.

At this Rasta Festival the Blazing Fyah segment
began. Fantan Mojah performed brilliantly and passionately. He spoke with Fans about the troubles of the world and the injustices of the system.

He was surprisingly joined by Fanta Mojah rebel salute 2017 reggae britanniaTarrus Riley on stage during his set although the combination worked quite well. It was later discovered that this was not intentional however due to being a positive Rasta event questions were not asked.

Closing Day One of this captivating show which took us into the early hours of 7:20am was the Reggae Legend Anthony B. Having not performed in Jamaica in over 10 years, the build up was indeed intense. Upon hearing his voice the crowd went literally electric.

anthony b rebel salute 2017 reggae britanniaIt truly was a sight to be seen. The crowd exemplified so much energy as Anthony B skanked on stage and so did his Fans. Of course it later transpired that Anthony B and Tarrus Riley had had a slight issue prior to him coming on stage however it can be said upon speaking to Anthony B after his amazing performance there were no negative vibes.

After such a well put together stage show Reggae Britannia was wondering would the same be said for Day 2 to come and could the Reggae Britannia Team really stay awake for another BIG night.

DAY 2 of Rebel SaluteSaturday 14th January 2017Reggae, Ska & Dancehall Night

The Festival seemed to have grown in numbers as if Day One didn’t already have a huge enough crowd. Although it seemed to be a more Dancehall Night the Rasta community had not dwindled, in fact it had increased. One Love and African Unity was everywhere.

Zosia McGregor the daughter of Freddie McGregor, Davianah the daughter of Tony Rebel and Imeru Tafari the son of Queen IfricaKicking of the night was Sons and Daughter of great Legends. Zosia McGregor the daughter of Freddie McGregor, Davianah the daughter of Tony Rebel and Imeru Tafari the son of Queen Ifrica performed.  It was lovely to see them all perform at Rebel Salute and enthusiastically conveying the strength of the next Reggae Generation. Upon speaking to all three together, they all had a passion to continue the great legacy their parents had made for them.

The beautiful Sophia Squire also brought a powerful energy to the stage with her new single Love & Conflict. She informed Reggae Britannia that she perviously was a backing singer for many years but felt it was time for her to pursue her sole career.

IMG_2971The Ska and Rock Steady segment brought a different type of intense and supreme energy to the Festival. The UK Ska Circle definitely came to mind when the Ska Legend Derrick Morgan came on stage. The crowd went absolutely wild as this Reggae icon danced with his walking stick, still was fit as a fiddle. Derrick Morgan’s presence and voice as a combination, some how commanded respect and his authentic rhythm could not be replicated. Supporting him during this segment was Stranger Cole and Errol Dunkley of who were both dressed so immaculately. Their vocals still of high quality and both informed Reggae Britannia that they wanted Jamaican music to be preserved and passed on to the youth of today.

Leroy Sibbles presented the Reggae Revival segment. He easily had the crowd in the palm of his hands as he sung hits such as Rock And Come On. It was further great to see Leroy Gibbons, Chuck Turner. Tanto Metro and Devonte.

Wicker man rebel salute 2017 reggae britanniaThe original Wickerman soon snatched the crowd with his unbeatable lyrical content.

Upon speaking to Reggae Britannia he spoke about the importance of artists being true to their roots and paying attention to their lyrics which would later in life define them. Whilst speaking to Wickerman it was also great to speak with Olivia ‘Babsy‘ Grange, Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport(CGES).

Lady G dressed so beautifully upheld the famine energy adding a touch of further female class and warrior power. Further beautiful Empresses such as Selector Princess, Nikki Z and Nicole Campbell were also seen at Day 2 of Rebel Salute 2017.Cocoa Tea rebel salute 2017 reggae britannia

It was Cocoa Tea however that sweeten up the night. Rebel Salute could not have been complete without him and his refreshing vibes done effortlessly.

Cocoa Tea had every Reggae Fan swinging from left to right, jumping up and down and possibly even wanting to do cartwheels.

It was that great! Singing hits such as Hot Sweet Cocoa Tea, Young Lover, African Here I Come and many more.

mutabaruka tony rebel rebel salute 2017 reggae britannia

The Rootical segment began with the blessing of Tony Rebel Earthstrong on stage.

Presented to him was a huge nicely decorated Vegan Cake which was cut with his children and the Rebel Salute Team. The crowd sang Happy Birthday Mr Rebel of whom was truly humbled by it.

The Roaring of Lions began when talented Jesse Royal and Duane Stephenson Duane Stephenson rebel salute 2017 levin rock reggae britannia hotted up the stage. Junior Kelly further worked the crowd into a frenzy with his upful vibration especially when performing If Loves So Nice. Upon speaking with Reggae Britannia, Junior Kelly felt that each artist s were ambassadors of Reggae Music and therefore the care of it was the responsibility of each artist. UK Artists such as Levian Rock, Scratchylus, Empress Reggae and Donovan Kingjay were also spotted at Rebel Salute 2017.

ras shilo rebel salute 2017 reggae britannia young warriorThe Humble Ras Shiloh blessed the stage with a magnificent regal outfit and brought an element of spiritualness to the stage. The hit song Are You Satisfied had over three pull ups on stage. The talented singer sang beautifully, further honouring his Mother of whom passed away one year ago to the day. It was great to see Bushman grace the Rebel Salute Jamaican stage as he is not so often booked to performed in Jamaica. However after his amazing performance this will soon hopefully change. It was also lovely seeing Young Warrior of the UK, son of Jah Shaka at Rebel Salute 2017.

queen ifrica rebel salute 2017 reggae britanniaAgain Rebel Salute 2017 could not have been complete without Queen Ifrica. Her performance was with so much energy, zest and passion. Within it, she incorporated dancers and had the crowd singing along to her songs word for word. Upon speaking with Reggae Britannia she spoke about the importance of Female energy, her meeting with Winnie Mandela on the Shero’s 80th Birthday and African Cultural. Look out for her new album called Climb due to be released on 3rd March 2016.

third world rebel salute 2017 reggae britannia

Now another highlight for the night was the incredible amazing Reggae Legends Third World of whom put on a Reggae Show in its self. The Musical Geniuses enchanted and mercerised fans with their accomplished playing of musical instruments and perfect performance. It was spot on. Upon speaking to Reggae Britannia they encourage Jamaican Artists to learn how to play musical instruments further enhancing the uniqueness of Reggae Music.

IMG_3192As the Sun popped out to say Good Morning, we found ourselves about to embark upon the Dancehall segment and closing the Roots Rocks Reggae performances was yet another Jamaican Legend with a honey silk voice, Sanchez.

Undoubtably the crowds volume grew in sound as they sang each every song. We look forward to seeing Sanchez in February 2017 during his UK Tour.

Agent Sasco aka Assassin rebel salute 2017 reggae britannia Theory of Reggaetivity AlbumUnsurprisingly Agent Sasco aka Assassin performed exceptionally well. Although a Dancehall artist he performed his new Theory of Reggaetivity Album released last year.

It truly compliment the show and it was a reviving feeling to see a Dancehall artist perform Roots Reggae so passionately.

His song Africa performed acoustically from the Theory of Reggaetivity Album was truly heartfelt by all.

Spragga Benz salute 2017 reggae britanniaThe Humble King Spragga Benz had the Rebel Salute crowd in the palms of his hands.

He brought this genuine, positive indigenous Rasta vibration to the stage so naturally. Not one person in the Festival was not singing along to his songs which brought to mind that he maybe should have had a longer set as he performed so brilliantly.

IMG_3167Upon speaking to Reggae Britannia, he stated the importance of Artists nurturing up and coming artists in the industry of which he had brought a few along to the festival with him.

Now as the hours grew earlier, it was uncertain as to who was going to close this enchanting stage show and the audience became seriously excited and somewhat anxious as to whom it would be.

mutaburka rebel salute reggae britanniaThere was Moses Davis (otherwise known as Beenie Man) and Andrae Hugh Sutherland (otherwise known as Popcaan) left… so who would be next.

Suddenly the crowd hear “Yaow,” and Andrae Hugh Sutherland graced the stage! The crowd went literally wild but Andrae Hugh Sutherland remained so humble that you had to take a double take.

He politely greeted the crowd with no ego and proclaim his devotion to the Rastafari culture passionately.

popcaan. rebel salute 2017 reggae britanniaStrangely but somewhat spectacularly Andrae Hugh Sutherland had the oldest of generations dancing and enjoying his music alongside the younger crowd becoming dazed eyes over the Dancehall Super Star.

Truly there were no slack lyrics and no violence promoted whilst he was on stage.

It must be said, Andrae Hugh Sutherland, the recent MOBO winner did an excellent Job.

Closing the show of course was none other than the Dancehall King himself Moses Davis. Dressed in a Tailor made African print suit and full of energy, this accomplished artist took control of the stage. IMG_3097

Hit after hit he performed and it was utterly explosive!

Moses Davis produced a more rootical sounds with a African nationalist element to complement the Festival.

With his wealth of experience the Dancehall Artists automatically commanded respect on stage and his handling of the crowd was spectacular.

IMG_3228beenie man rebel salute 2017 reggae britanniaUpon coming off stage and speaking with Reggae Britannia he was exceptionally calm and humbled by his performance.
He spoke about the capitalisation of Reggae Music and the lack of credit given to Jamaican artists for their efforts.

Further to this the importance of preserving Jamaican culture and his Tour in Africa.

What a Show, what a Festival, what an awesome experience! Did we enjoy Rebel Salute 2017…. Enjoy would be an understatement! It was utterly AMAZING!!!

Rebel Salute 2017 was truly a world- class event providing all who entered the Authentic Royal, Reggae, Kingly and Queenly Kingdom. It was an absolute Rasta cultural experience which can never be forgotten but only now revisit next year! Whether you love Reggae Music, the Caribbean sea, Food, a Healthy Lifestyle or want an authentic Rasta experience… Rebel Salute 2018 awaits you! See you next year!

Reggae Britannia would like to send a special thank you to Tony Rebel and the Rebel Salute Team for making Reggae Britannia feel so welcome!

We hope you enjoyed our Rebel Salute 2017 Review. Reggae Warriors Its 10 out of 10 from Reggae Britannia.






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