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Absolute Reggae Baby Mayhem WITH CURTIS LYNCH



Every minute one is born and every hour a nappy is changed… But what is it about Reggae Music and Babies? It seems modern Babies want to be a part of the Roots Rock Reggae Scene and enjoy the Reggae Sensation whilst nodding their tiny little heads to the beat.

Are they too young to even understand or is there a more deeper and meaningful connection to it all?

As if feeding these cute dumplings cheeks is not enough, we are now forced to share not only our iPhones but our Reggae Music too.

Well… there’s one person championing Baby Reggae Fever and its not Cow & Gate. To our surprise it’s award winning UK Producer, Curtis Lynch of Necessary Mayhem. What! You say… Yep, Mr “Maximum Bass Man” Lynch has released a Brand New Album called Reggae Lullabies under the label The Cool Tots. Curtis Lynch is currently one of the best producers in the Reggae Music industry and particularly in the UK and Jamaica. He has worked with renown acts such as the Gorillaz, Brinsley Forde, Maxi Priest, Alicia Keys, Etana, Jamie Fox, Shola Ama and many more. So why now Babies….

We caught up with the Man behind one of the biggest Reggae labels across Europe as to why he felt it Absolutely Necessary to cause Reggae Baby Mayhem:-

Princess Pyhia: It’s so great to catch up with you. Is it true? Reggae, Babies and Curtis Lynch…

Curtis Lynch: (Laughter) Yes. It’s definitely true.

Princess Pyhia: How did that come about? A Reggae Album for Babies…

Curtis Lynch: Well… It all started due to my Partner’s niece. She is 2 years old, really clever and she is always playing music on my phone. She hears Reggae and cries if we switch it off. Her reaction to Reggae Music is just crazy.

Princess Pyhia: Its that bass line right?

Curtis Lynch: Bwoy… There is definitely something to it. So one day I started to research Music and Babies. I found music to help babies sleep, relax, classical music for babies but no Reggae for babies. I started to experiment and put some instrumental sounds together and I tell you, I had so much Fun with it… I laughed all the way.

Princess Pyhia: I’m finding this so hard to understand because it’s you… You’re all about blowing of our heads with Bass (Laughter). Did you have any strange moments?

Curtis Lynch: Yeah (Laugher) there was some moments when I thought, “I can’t believe am really doing this.” I started to find that the music was smoothing me on another level. I don’t think this album is just for babies it’s for everyone and Parents… really calming for expectant Mothers.

Princess Pyhia: I can see that… So tell us about this amazing album.

Curtis Lynch: So the album is called Reggae Lullabies, my Mum chose the name. There are 8 tracks of cover versions from some of the biggest Reggae tunes with a lullaby and relaxing sound. All instrumentals and Gregory Isaacs Night Nurse features on there and…

Princess Pyhia: Ok, ok… How would you distinguish your Reggae Gregory Isaacs Night Nurse Lullaby to the original Reggae Version?

Curtis Lynch: It’s all about the instruments and sounds used. And the melody, a softer sound which is soothing. On the album you also have Dennis Brown, Dawn Penn, John Holt, Sister Nancy with Bam Bam and many more…

Princess Pyhia: Its very surreal to not hear Bass in your music because your a Master Mind at expanding the Bass Line in your productions. How did you get your head around it?

Curtis Lynch: This is a completely different side of me which is why I laughed the whole way through thinking like, “No one is gonna believe this…. How do I even tell people about this…”(Laughter). To be honest my Mum is one of the main reasons why I finished this project.  She was one of the first people to listen to it, she would relax to it and she just loved it, even when I second guess it.

Princess Pyhia: Wow. That’s really inspiring. Funny but based upon studies they say that Music really helps Babies creativity, their memory, their intellect, even their language and emotional intelligence. How have babies reacted to this Album?

Curtis Lynch: A few of my friends have recently had babies and I gave them this album as a gift. One of them called me within days saying that their baby won’t go to sleep without it and if they stop playing the music the baby actually starts to cry… so I think that study must be right.

Princess Pyhia: That’s an achievement in itself.

Curtis Lynch: Its a completely different feeling to hear stuff like that.

Princess Pyhia: Have you seen that video thats gone viral of the child who wouldn’t stop crying until the Parent put back on Reggae Music?

Curtis Lynch: No I ain’t seen it but I can believe that. Reggae Music just puts you in a zone.

Princess Pyhia: Is this just a really clever way to nurture a new generation of fan to love your music and sound? (Laugher). Getting them whilst their young…

Curtis Lynch: (Laugher). I definitely want to inspire more children to love Reggae Music, be it to be a producer, a reader of music, an engineer… Anything on the technical side. Just imagine these babies growing up and remembering Reggae Music.

Princess Pyhia: Some critics may say there are no studies to suggest nor support that Reggae Music can help Babies in any way and if babies should listen to anything, it should be Mozart, you know, something classical. How would you respond to that?

Curtis Lynch: Reggae Music is the Kings Music, it’s foundation music and they will get it. But I think it would be good to see some studies to support findings that babies can benefit from Reggae Music. I am one of those babies in fact that grew upon Reggae Music… You too right and you turn out good (laugher).

Princess Pyhia: (Laughter). It’s funny you say that because I was about to ask what was your earliest memory of Reggae Music?

Curtis Lynch: One of the first tunes I actually remember is Bob Marley Waiting in Vain. Also Peaceful Women by Marcia Griffiths. My Mum use to play that over and over.

Princess Pyhia: Can we expect a remix to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Dub Stylee, may be a special feature?

Curtis Lynch: Its a good idea but my next project is gonna be an even bigger Baby Reggae Album… Trust me! I hope also to publish a Reggae Baby Book. I’m on a mission to start a Reggae Baby Movement!

Princess Pyhia: Well… Let the Necessary Reggae Baby Mayhem begin. We look forward to seeing the movement grow.


Reggae Lullabies By Cool Tots – 8 SONGS 

1. Wolves and Leopards
2. Night Nurse
3. Bam Bam
4. Uptown Top Ranking
5. Jam in the Streets
6. Love Me Always
7. No, No, No
8. World of Reggae

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Article by Princess Pyhia of Reggae Britannia @princesspyhia



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