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Is Good Reggae Music a thing of the past?


Upon listening to a new Reggae Single, I couldn’t help moving my head to the beat but if you ask me what the song was about… I couldn’t tell you. Why? Because the lyrical content was so poor. Many would argue that if the lyrical content is average but the melody sweet, its still Reggae Music. However, is this just another excuse for the Reggae Music that we Love and is the revealing truth that Reggae Music has ultimately fallen into the wrong hands?

Upon studying great lyrical legends such as Peter Tosh, Bob Marley, Dennis Brown and many more, no doubt could be suggested that when analysing their mystical and deep lyrical content, each word is thought provoking. This in turn begs the question of “If they were alive today, would they approve of the so called Conscious Reggae Music?”

We have seen a new young Reggae Revival emerging worldwide but some deem this free spirit of Reggae to be dangerous causing its true essence to be lost. The commercialness of Reggae over many decades has caused the solid foundation of Reggae to be smeared. Many feel that Rastafarianism has been left out and its deep African culture only acknowledged to give validation at times when needed. The camouflage of the royal colours of red, yellow and green over many Reggae album covers, has caused Lover of Reggae Music to be selective in what they listen to, making it harder to find true modern Reggae Music.

But who is to blame for the capitalisation of Reggae Music? The Artists, the Promotors, the Radio DJ or the Listeners. Are we being unappreciated and failing to recognise the new and upcoming revival of Reggae Music now emerging?

Whats your views… we wan to hear from you!!!

Article by Princess Pyhia – Journalist for Reggae Britannia. @reggaebrit @princesspyhia



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